Contact me for all your copy writing needs including:


Feature articles

Research and write articles for your online or print publication including performing arts reviews, travel journalism and local news stories

Content marketing materials

Stimulate interest in your products or services with informative white papers, blogs, videos or social media content

Report writing

Present your findings in a succinct, well-written report that clearly conveys key ideas and recommendations

Media materials

Performance and exhibition previews or reviews, respond to media enquiries, media releases, talking points, pitch to relevant outlets

Website and blog copywriting

Keyword-optimised written content for your website or blog including page titles, landing pages, internal links, body text and metadata descriptions

Grant proposals and tender documents

Research, liaise with stakeholders and write applications for grants and contracts

Print materials

Brochures, letters, postcards for direct mail campaigns and posters

Digital marketing

Creative wording for your marketing emails, ebooks, enewsletters, games, videos, mobile or television advertising

Video scripts

Develop succinct scripts with recommendations for animation and imagery